April 27, 2008

Tattooing your goat is important not only for personal identification purposes but also for registered stock and showing. Here in Sarawak the opportunity to register your Goat locally is none and getting to show your Goat is pretty far in between even non existant. But it’s a step towards good record keeping for mating records and commercially for those who sell their stock as breeders.

Step 1

Tattooing should be done while your goat is still a kid (baby). Get someone to help you hold the kid or use a kid holding box. If you must tattoo an older goat, place them in a stanchion.

Step 2

Be sure to clean the tattooer and it’s parts with alcohol, then air dry.

Step 3

Clean the ear with alcohol.

Step 4

Smear a good amount of ink in the inside of the ear (or tail web) where you intend to place the tattoo.

Step 5

Test your tattoo on a piece of paper and take note of the direction. Like a mirror, it will need to look backwards to end up readable in the end.

Step 6

Place your tattooer over the area and give a good, solid squeeze making sure to puncture all the way through the ear and then release. Try to be as quick as possible during this part. Think of it like piercing your ear.

Step 7

Roll on more ink and rub in gently with the toothbrush.

Step 8

Tattoo both ears. One for the year + your own ‘code’ I like to use numbers that correlate with which # of birth it was for that year and the other for your herd name abbreviation etc.

Goat Stanchion

Goat Stanchion


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