August 31, 2008

I mentioned the Pokok Turi a while back and the cuttings are doing well. Today i moved the last batch out and have a total of 46 trees planted on the farm. They are growing fast and these pictured are only 3 weeks old.


4 Responses to “POKOK TURI CUTTINGS”

  1. Olivia Says:

    Please, Can you sell me some cutting? Thank you.

  2. thekebun Says:

    Hello! If you are in the area please drop in but call before hand. I can give you a few cuttings which you can plant. But if you want some already doing well in potting bags then those are for sale at RM10.00 each. Cheers!

  3. Kate Says:

    Hello, how fast do these plants grow and will they grow in New Zealand? Sorry but you are just a wee bit too far away for pick ups 🙂

  4. thekebun Says:

    Kia ora Kate,

    From experience i can safely guess a cutting will be as tall as 6 foot within 3 months and am very sure they will grow in New Zealand, well at least where it does not freeze!

    As for pick up we can always look into posting you a cutting or two, see if it passes through then take it from there if the planting is successful.

    Ka kite anō!

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