September 28, 2008
  • 20 days Apparent Heart Beat
  • 21-35days The lung bud branching and forming into the two principal bronchi
  • 28-35 days Limb buds apparent
  • 35-42 days Differentiation of mouth,digits and dew claws
  • 42-49 days Nostrils and Eyes apparent, Mammary buds in females; empty scrotal sac in males, Jugular vein barely visible through the pink skin
  • 42-84 days The bronchial divisions were differentiated and their air conducting system became established, lined with seudostratified and/or single-walled columnar epithelium
  • 49-56 days Eyelids Close, Ear Canal Opens, Membranous soft center in the top of the head
  • 56-63 days Jugular vein, facial vein and scrotal vessels all visible; Nostrils open
  • 70-77 days Hairs appear on eyelids
  • 77-84 days Horn Pits Appear;Ear vein prominent, Hairs on eyelids and muzzle
  • 84-91 days Hairs on forehead, Pigmentation around horn pits, For males testes palpable in scrotum
  • 91-98 days Skin whitish and thicker, Jugular, facial and scrotal veins no longer visible, Ear vein visible, Hairs along top of the neck, Top of the head has hardened-Also Lung Development-The respiratory bronchioles developed quickly,the primitive alveoli had developed,the respiratory bronchioles and primitive alveoli were lined by cuboid cells
  • 98-105 days Tooth Eruption. Hair around eyes and muzzle; Hairs on chest, Eyelids separated, Temporary teeth buds just appear
  • 105-112 days Body sparsely covered with hair, except limbs Also-Lung development-The respiratory divisions developed dramatically, the lung assumed a more “aerated” appearance.
  • 112-119 days Dense hairs cover body and limbs, Teeth buds prominent
  • 119 days 1-3 Incisors barely erupted in females at birth, Incisors at gum line in males at birth
  • 119-154 days The alveoli developed and differentiated into flattened (type Ⅰ cell) and cuboid (type Ⅱ cell) epithelial cells of the lung development-here the baby can breath on it’s own.
  • Normal Live Birth- 145 to 155 days

Above reproduced with the very kind permission from The Goat Lady Please visit her lovely store at  GetYerGoat the internet’s #1 Goat Gift Store!



  1. goatlady Says:

    HI Kebun! I love your blog and very interesting stories and photos from the other side of the globe. 🙂 It is so beautiful there. I noticed you were able to use my fetal development chart – I am honored! It was a long process collecting the proper data to compile the correct time frame. I will add you to my blogroll in my blog as well and come back to read more glorious stories from your beautiful farm. I’m glad you told your mother you wanted to be a farmer- you look like you are enjoying it very much. I will bet she is smiling .

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