October 2, 2008

This is in response to an email received which asked about the responsibilities for various parties concerned in importing from Australia. Here is a general outline.


  • We will meet all the specifications of the purchaser.
  • Ear Tagging of all Animals for export – different to farm tags to save confusion – not on Slaughter Protocol
  • Management on Isolation farm including all feeding costs etc (as directed by Shipper and/or Client)
  • Labour on blood test farm to handle animals yards to handle goats for initial bleed and/or treatments
  • Labour to load animals onto the Truck to Airport
  • Truck from Selection Farm to Isolation Farm (should be NIL if located at ISOLATION farm already)
  • Pregnancy testing of Animals as/if and when required
  • Isolation for up to 7 days if required prior to Export Weighing of Animals and advising of weights to Shipper
  • Supply and application of internal Worming treatments
  • Supply and application of External Parasite treatment
  • Tag list of all animals same day as completion of blood test.
  • Veterinary Labour Expense and Blood test at Isolation farm
  • Supply and application of Vaccinations with Glanvac 6 and Amoxicillin/Oxytetracycline as required
  • Blood test expense for all animals i.e. Lab Expense (additional if on breeder protocol)
  • Truck From Isolation farm to Airport for flight
  • Disinfection of Truck for transport to flight


  • Approval of Holding Farm for export as holding facility
  • Vet Instructions for First treatment
  • Vet Instructions for Final Treatments
  • AQIS inspection prior to flight at farm or at airport
  • Travel Crates for the Flight Management/Guidance of entire process post selection to arrival at foreign airport
  • Export License fee and applicable processes – and audit processes as applicable Export Tag fees to DAFF
  • Groom to accompany animals to foreign Airport and to assist in unloading and delivery
  • Prepare AWB and fax across to the customer for pre-clearance.
  • Flight space and freight expense Australia to Foreign airport


  • Any fees incurred at airport of Destination in relation to loading of trucks and customs clearance
  • Any fees incurred at airport of Destination delivery from Airport to destination farm
  • Payment 100% SEVEN days prior to shipment
  • Collection of animals at airport of Destination
  • Clearance of Customs at Airport of Destination
  • Import Permit from Ministry of Agriculture 7 days prior to export (this is only valid for 30 -60 days generally)
  • Total responsibility of animals once the aircraft lands at the destination airport. Insurance of all animals from time of selection to time of unloading of aircraft

NOTE – Delays caused by you, the consignee due to permit arrival or payment delay – will and may incur further charges for adjisment or flight charges


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