October 11, 2008

Some of these will not be as simple as they appear and you will need more research in some areas. But you can refer to past postings like `Can You Make Money Goat Farming` and `For The Newbie Farmer` for more information and a clearer explanation. Visiting similar farms and asking questions is a very good exercise as with joining any related organisations, clubs or associations in your immediate area. The internet is of course a good option but there is nothing better than speaking and learning one on one. Try and work closely with an established farmer who has a good record. Calling your local agricultural department will be helpful as they will be also able to offer some advice.


  1. Applying ID Tags
  2. Castration
  3. Breed Knowledge
  4. Flushing
  5. Dehorning
  6. Medication Application (Shots With Needle + Deworming)
  7. Delivering Kids
  8. Milking
  9. Handling & Moving (Behavioral Knowledge, Aggresion + Birthing)
  10. Sickness
  11. Shelter Needs
  12. Feeding
  13. Manure Handling
  14. Fencing
  15. Marketing

There are a few related postings here like ‘How To Tattoo Your Goat’, ‘Goat Injection Sites’, ‘Buck Housing and Management’, ‘5 Mistakes Sarawak Farmers Make’, ‘Basic Physiological and Biological Norms’, and ‘How To Ear Tag Your Goat’, but i encourage you to go onto the field and find out hand on the kind of information you will need for your particular kind of set up. Another post, ‘Can You Make Money Goat Farming?might also be useful if you are considering going into this as a business. Good Luck!


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