November 23, 2008


The long search for a pure blooded Ram worthy of my Barbados Black Belly girls is over. He was found him rather surprisingly from somewhere rather unexpected, right here in Kuching. It has been a good week.



  1. Abdul Mutalib Says:

    Saya pun mencari kambing barbados. Kat mana ada?

  2. thekebun Says:

    Cuba tanya Jabatan Pertanian berhampiran kamu Abdul? Cheers!

  3. Mac Says:

    The meat of the Barbadian Black Belly Sheep is much softer if fed the right d. I once kept these sheep here in Barbados and they produce prolificly.

  4. thekebun Says:

    Yes Mac, I agree with you. Their meat is without the mutton taste of domestic wool sheep. Blackbelly meat is lean with most of the fat deposits on the outside of the cut which is great to hold in the natural juices while grilling or roasting. The heavily muscled cuts are great when marinated properly!

  5. Mac Says:

    How many Barbadian Blackbelly Sheep do you have? I will pass your contact information to the Barbados Sheep Farrners Association.


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