November 30, 2008


Himalayan salt licks are mined in Pakistan from deposits over 250 million years old. Supposedly to be rich in 84 minerals and trace elements it has that distinctive pink color. They are extremely hard, making them very weather resistant and more difficult for the Goat to bite chunks off, which is what often happens with the softer mineral blocks we use. Just put an order through to trial it out.



  1. Abdul Mutalib Says:

    Do you sell this salt? I have been looking for it but very expensive to import in small number. Thank you.

  2. thekebun Says:

    The salt is for our own use Abdul. Yes, you are right about it being expensive to import in small quantities unless by slow mail package. If you are around the area drop by, might just share a block with you until the larger shipment comes in. Maybe then will sell if we have more than enough. Cheers!

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