December 28, 2008


The purchase price of your goats from Australia is only a portion of the total landed cost of goats into Sarawak. Because some of these costs are fixed, whether you import one or many goats, it is and can be much cheaper to put together a larger order, rather than just a few heads. Therefore it is always a good idea to combine your shipment with other farmers to make up the numbers large enough to make it less costly on average. There are other costs that have to be considered and added to the final cost of the shipment.

Your ‘responsibilitie’s as the buyer or importer are usually as follows.

  • Faxing these permits to the exporter
  • Any fees incurred at your Airport
  • Payment 100% prior to shipment unless otherwise agreed
  • Collection of animals at Airport
  • Clearance of Customs at Airport
  • Total responsibility of animals once the aircraft lands
  • Insurance of all animals
  • Clearing agent costs
  • Transport of goats from Airport to your Farm

Delays caused by you the consignee due to permit arrival or payment delay may incur a further charges for adjisment or flight charges

For most part the costs of the Goat is usually less than the costs of getting them over unless the numbers are big enough to use a specialized livestock air freighter. The cost of the actual Goat will also depend on the breed, bloodlines and quality you are seeking. Make sure that you have some photographs of the actual animals and they (if you require them) have ‘pedigree papers’ or are registered animals, registered as with their respective breed associations and/or clubs.

These are some of the responsibilities of the Australian farm or seller if they are not involved in the exporting itself.

  • Selection of Goats to meet all specifications for you the purchaser.
  • Ear tagging of all Animals for export
  • Protocol management on Isolation farm including all feeding costs etc
  • Labour on blood test farm to handle animals
  • Yards to handle goats and/or treatments
  • Labour to load animals onto the Truck to Airport
  • Trucking from selection Farm to isolation farm
  • Pregnancy testing of Animals as and if required
  • Isolation for up to 7 days is required prior to export to Sarawak
  • Weighing of animals and advising of weights to export agent
  • Supply and application of internal Worming treatments
  • Supply and application of external parasite treatment
  • Tag list of all animals same day as completion of blood test.
  • Veterinary labour expense at blood test/Isolation farm
  • Supply and application of vaccinations
  • Blood test expense for all animals i.e. lab expense
  • Trucking from isolation Farm to Airport for flight
  • Disinfection of truck for transport to flight

Please be aware that a registered animal will usually costs more as the exercise to register the animal with the respective associations also includes a fee payable. You must also be aware that there has been occasions where the goats arrived with registration papers but these were just that, registration papers of that particular goat and no mention or info of the pedigree. There has also been experiences where the goats arrived with pedigree papers but were printed forms with the linage on the farms ‘letterhead’. Registered papers as in a printed record on the farm letterhead is best avoided unless you have had agreed to this prior to your order. Be careful as you might also go through the unpleasant experience of finding that ‘papers’ don’t match with ear tags and even color and age. And of course there will always be those arrivals that came without their promised registration papers.


Example Of Certificate Of Registration

You must do some homework in terms of the farm location too. Some farms are AQIS certified to act as a quarantine facility which will save you some money instead of having them shipped to an AQIS certified facility. Care must be taken also to look into the location of the farm, Australia is a very big place and some farms are located hundreds and hundreds of kilometers from the nearest international airport. You also have to consider where in Australia in the first place. Western Australia is much nearer. A good export agent will be of much help in advising you and at most times will be able to recommend you a good reputable farm.

The responsibilities of the export agent are usually as follows.

  • Vet instructions for first treatment
  • Vet instructions for final Treatments
  • AQIS inspection prior to flight at farm or at airport
  • IATA specs air travel crates
  • Flight management of entire process
  • Post selection to arrival at foreign Airport
  • Export license fee and applicable processes
  • Audit processes as applicable
  • Export tag fees to DAFF
  • Prepare AWB and fax across to you, the customer for pre-clearance.
  • Flight space and freight expense Australia to Sarawak airport

Make sure that you insist on and get an invoice that states very clearly the amount due, terms and conditions. Every verbal ‘promise’ and ‘adjustments’ must followed up in black and white as in with emails or actual documents. As a precautionary measure here I would suggest that you make separate arrangements for payment, keep it separate from the farm/seller and export agent unless you have agreed to combine payment to the seller. It usually takes the export agent one week to make the arrangement from the date your goats have been vet checked and certified to travel. You must allocate enough time to make the payment arrangements via TT. Although Western Union is almost immediate but it might be a hassle for the Australian side as it requires locating a western union agent there more so in the rural areas. Make sure you clear any and all due payment (unless otherwise agreed) before the actual set date for the vet inspection at the seller’s farm. Once this has been done the export agent will make the flight bookings and usually both Malaysian Airlines Kargo and Malaysian Airlines ‘6 Star‘ Animal Hotel will call you to confirm that you are receiving it. Please note that last minute cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and can range from MAS downgrading their aircraft to the shipper purposely stalling for time to combine your shipment with another. Speaking from experience you will also come across export agents that claim to have a groom accompany the shipment. They will insist that a groom (which will also mean a substantial additional markup on your invoice) is needed to look into the needs of the goats during the flight. At most time a groom is not needed. The flight will usually not take more than a total of 14 hours including a short stopover in KLIA before connecting to East Malaysia. Other than that the Malaysian Airlines Animal Hotel will always look into the needs of your Goats during the stopover.

If you encounter any problems you can lodge a complaint with the Australian Commission, the Australian Federal Police or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. However do not expect them to act very fast on your complain, if any. Good Luck!


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