May 11, 2009

To all of you who emailed wondering why if i had kicked the bucket the sudden stop in the weekend postings, well i am in Kota Kinabalu. For a few more months i hope weeks.  Maybe more. No luck chance yet to surprise seek out or even shock to death stumble upon a goat farmer or two.  But the place is proving to be a gem whilst i take a break from the farm and leave the slaves farmhands to swear themself’s blue faced happilly sing along as they cut and carry everyday.

Gunung Kinabalu

Can you imagine your goat farm nestled in one of those valleys? Simply AWESOME me thinks!



  1. wannabefarmer Says:

    hiya farmer adrian,

    if u’r still in kk i know of a couple of goat farmers here (if u haven’t found any yet).

    u can also email me at

    hope u’r enjoying u’r holiday here!

  2. thekebun Says:

    Golly beeeee… My Dear!

    I am here in KK. Again! Yippeedoodah….

    Might drop you an email and you can lead me on the hunt for those elusive KK Goat Farmers.


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