June 27, 2010

This is a  well known medicinal plant used by the natives of Sarawak. A small climbing pitcher plant that seems happy in both open areas and secondary jungle. Leaves are oblongish, the leaf stalks are grooved and winged, the margins are hairy. Its young shoots are covered in reddish hairs.

The Ibans use a decoction of the stem, root and leaves which is drunk to treat blood in stool. Tea is made out of the leaves to treat painful urination. Paste of the young shoots are used to treat snakebites. Juice from the stem is taken for food poisoning and water from the young pitchers (with lids still closed) is given to children to treat cough. In the Bidayuh people the sap from the stem is consumed to treat hangovers.



  1. Ray Whiteside Says:

    Wow! very interesting and beautiful plant, I have come across a few mentions of Pitcher Plants while gathering info for my trip, and hope to get some photos , Thanks for sharing,

  2. The Kebun Says:

    Ray, there are a few specimens on the farm and you are welcomed to take as many photo’s as you want. I think you will find many many interesting specimens of such plants also in the wildlife and mature parks nearby. See you soon.

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