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February 1, 2009

I always thought that setting up a ‘worm farm’ would be a simple exercise here in Kuching. Not only having a highly beneficial composting system with worms that would eat all most of the kitchen scraps turning them into a rich soil conditioner, it would also save me some sweat the effort in burying, not forgetting ‘saving’ and ‘recycling’ the overripe or squirrel damaged fruits on the farm?


The search to establish the worm farm started a few weeks ago and you would have never guessed how difficult it is to even source for someone locally who had some worms, worms with cool names too like African Night Crawler,Tiger Worms and Red Wrigglers. But the cost of the worms? Every answer for a price (all from the mainland, West Malaysia) came back with a shortness of breath pricing ranging from RM160 kilo to RM450 per kilo with minimum orders up to 500 kg? What am i going to do with that much? No wonder even home composting systems are not available here. I am absolutely dumbfounded BUT from the looks of it there is tremendous market potential.

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