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September 28, 2008

Available now 23 heads (All Red’s Sold) 13 heads (Doe’s) at RM1200.00 F.O.B Brisbane, Australia. Landed C.I.F Kuching, Sarawak estimated at RM3200.00. Buyer can/may collect from the Australia farm in Gin Gin, 51 kilometers west of Bundaberg, 371 kilometers northwest of Brisbane, directly and make their own shipping arrangements (by Air ONLY) unless they want to join any one of our regular shipments into Malaysia.



September 14, 2008

I was  sent some photo’s of Dorper‘s selected for a client in Mukah, Sarawak. I hope an order will be confirmed soon. My right bum cheek is still numb after the trip.

The Dorper sheep are hardy, fertile, fast-growing meat sheep, originally bred in South Africa and now being bred in Australia for Australian conditions.


January 27, 2008
Domba - Fat Tailed Sheep a breed i came across in Indonesia (Sulawesi)

Domba - Fat Tailed Sheep a breed i came across in Indonesia (Sulawesi)

Facinating breed. It looks really odd to me when you look at the fat tail. Supposedly hard to come by and the meat is considered good eating, leaner since the fat is mostly stored in the tail. It looks like the Damara’s in Australia but any likeness mostly is to the fat tail. Its a pity that it will be such a hassle to bring the Indonesian Domba’s in.

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