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March 8, 2009

Rabbits can fun to raise except when you have to enjoy the smell of their urine when the wind blows your way simply for enjoyment. I think there is huge potential too as a business as in the pet trade not forgetting for the laboratory, meat, and fur market. Personally I would rather forgo the laboratory and latter 3 bit. They are just way to cute for that. Well at least until the wind blows your way.

I did not expect to make money a profitable business raising rabbits to sell as pets. Here in Kuching there is only a very small number of those who raise rabbits making a living out of it. I just consider it as an enjoyable activity that has amazingly actually more than helped pay for itself. The thing is once you’ve eaten some rabbit had some rabbits, you want to keep them around and add more and more. I found out the hard way that out when I was raising too many and was reluctant to sell them being so cute and all didn’tell any, the rabbits were eating me poor! Now since i have begun to sell them and they are making some extra cash for the Farm! They go for RM30.00 a head at the Sunday Market!


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