The Kebun
22 Kampung Rayu Melayu, Jalan Kubah Matang
93050 Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia

Reservations +60148866633 (International)

How To Get To The Kebun?

Drive out of Kuching towards Matang heading for Gunung Serapi


Continue straight crossing the Bridge

Take the second left turnoff at the first roundabout

Take the third left turnoff on the following roundabout.

Proceed straight until you reach ‘Red Bridge’.


Take the first hard left

Proceed passing by Matang Family Park


Continue passing by Sekolah Agama Matang & Politeknik

Pass Kampung

Matang Wildlife Center Sign

See Matang Wildlfe Center signboard

Turn left into it

New Paved Road To The Kebun Main Gate

Continue 500 meters and turn right into Kampung Rayu Melayu

Proceed to the very end.

Guests are only welcome if an appointment or booking has been made and confirmed.


 Reservations +60148866633







14 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. Azrul Says:

    hai… i was hopping to visit your farm.. but i can`t find it… i did go into kampung rayu.. but it seem i cant see your farm. can u direct me to the proper way to go to your farm.

  2. The Kebun Says:

    Hello Azrul,

    Thanks for dropping by our blog.

    Kampung Rayu is pretty small. After you turn to the left into the Matang Wildlife Center road (Jalan Kubah Matang), take the 1st turning on the right. The road is newly tarred and you proceed to the very end.

    If you miss this first turn you will come across the second right turn which is Kampung Rayu Iban.

    If you want to drop by for a visit we would be most appreciative if you could do it early next month as we are extremely busy at the moment. We would also like you to call us before dropping by.

    Regards, Farmer Adrian

  3. Azrul Says:

    hai. i manage to come to your place yesterday afternoon but you were no there. i`m kind new to this bisnes and was hoping to find an anglo Nubian buck to rare. do u sell any. i just came back from puworejo, jakarta. and bring two goat buck. Domba garut, and pejantan super P.E. so was hoping to find an Anglo Nubian to complete my need. how much do U sell it.?

  4. Hendrik De Witte Says:

    Could it be possible to have a drawing of your Malaysia Goat House.
    We would like to build a similar one here in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Thanks and best regards


  5. The Kebun Says:

    Hello Hendrik,

    I can try and make out a simple drawing but that will have to come much later as we are up to our necks in work, work as in finishing up the renovations and finishing the bunk house. Then there is the new paddock and the turkey house, Fun Fun Fun! Anyways as soon as i have it ready i will email it to you. Remember to email us a photo of your goat house!

    Regards, Farmer Adrian

  6. The Kebun Says:

    Hello there Azrul,

    Thanks for dropping by to the farm. I have the only purebred Nubians Bucks in East Malaysia i think? Imported them from Australia earlier this year to help with our ‘improving’ the Jamnapari lines. I doubt we are interested to sell any one of these bucks as it cost us a lot of effort and money to fly them in. Anyways here is a link for photo’s of them while they were still in Australia. Their names are Nairobi and Sumatra, both given by the breeders.

    Regards, Farmer Adrian

  7. Azs Says:

    Hi Adrien, How much is the cost to bring boer to sarawak per head, any minimum order and can you give the contct name/number that can arrange the goat to sarawak.

    thanks for sharing

  8. The Kebun Says:

    Hi, The total costs will depend on the numbers you ship (there is a set crate size depending on aircraft), the numbers you can put into the crate (adults or smaller?), the distance from the airport to the sellers farm, individual costs per head from seller and so forth. There are many farms that will have some on offer but all these would be best hand picked as from experience the cost of freight and arrangements will cost more than the actual animal! Expect to pay between RM1800 – RM 2800 per head but again depending on total numbers as the work involved to ship 10 heads and 100 heads is the same. Good Luck!

  9. Irene Says:

    Dear Farmer Adrien,
    Your website is fascinating. I am in the process of dismantling my old family home and moving it down to Tambey where it will be rebuilt on a site of 4 acres.

    When the house is up, I hope to create a smallholding/subsistence farm, where we will plant fruit trees and herbs to start with. I know it involves a lot of work but my brother farms across the road, and I hope to pick your brains occasionally! You seem most helpful and willing to answer questions.

    Recently I read that you had six neem trees started in plastic bags. I have been looking for a source of this wonderful tree. Would you be willing to part with one of your plantlets eventually?

    Would love to come and visit your farm soon – when would you recommend? My cousin is coming in July for a short holiday and I think she would be interested to visit too so my first visit would be a recce, sort of.


  10. Vincent Says:

    Just wanted to know if my brds would just breed naturally or would I have to use a incubator of sorts? I have 2 pairs with my flock of approx 100 budgie pairs. they roam on the bottom of the aviary and I dont interfere too much with the general breeding of the budgies? Can I just leave them or must I incubate the eggs myself?


  11. Chloe Heng Says:

    Hi, I’ve been wanting to start vermicomposting at home and am wondering if you have any worms for sale?

  12. Thanx for your great blog and sharing,
    hope to hear from u soon:)

  13. I am interested in importing some full blood boer goats from Malaysia can you give me some exporters details.
    Sheriffdeen. (Sri Lanka )

  14. The Kebun Says:

    You might as well get Boer goats from North Queensland.

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