Some FAQ’s

Is The Kebun Right For Us?

If the tropical weather, adventure and animals are of interest you, it doesn’t get much better than this. Guests who fall instantly in love with The Kebun are nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and people who enjoy a mixed variety of food and culture. When walking along during low tide along the pebble riverside upon your arrival you will quickly note that a stay at The Kebun is an experience on a working farm and nature. Although we are just a few kilometers away from the beach, restaurants and grocery stores, we are located in a jungle setting and we share our space with many of the local wildlife. We use the chicken crowing as our alarm clock and enjoy the morning sounds which every farm has as same enjoy the night noises from the jungle which accentuates the incredible biodiversity. You should be happy to be so comfortable while the jungle is at your fingertips.

What Is The Weather Like?

It seems that we get more rain on this side of the mountain Gunung Serapi than in the city and unfortunately the way that weather is reported makes it sound like it never stops raining here which is simply not true. But for most of the time nothing more than an afternoon shower, you will enjoy the verdant natural surroundings of the nearby uncrowded beaches and national parks. But there’s nothing quite like a tropical downpour, it is an experience in itself. As for temperatures, they vary little between seasons, with the average around 86°F (30°C) during the day and 70°F (21°C) at night. It is quite humid here year round, as we are in the rainforest, but it always cools down at night which makes for great sleeping conditions.

Can You Do Tours For Us?

We can help you personalize a tour for you after you tell us just how much time you want to spend and what you would life to focus on. There is a suggested iternary you can have a look at or you can see the packages that we offer but bear in mind we are a working farm and sometimes might be just too busy to see about these packages more so for those sudden and unplanned requests.

What Should I Bring?

Sunblock, beach gear, mosquito repellent, rain gear, comfortable hiking shoes, & a headlamp/flashlight for walking in the evenings, your wallet but not much else!

What Activities Are There To Do In Your Area?

There is so much to do here for all kinds of adventure seekers but please look here for an idea what is there to do or you can take a look at one of our packages on offer. We would be more than happy to tailor one package for you if needed.

How Far Are You From The Places That May Interest Us?

Kuching International Airport – 39.5 km

Kuching City – 35.4 km

Matang Wildlife Center – 1.3 km

Kubah National Park – 10.6 km

Gunung Gading National Park – 56.8 km

Lundu Town – 56.5 km

Matang Family Park –

Sematan Town – 74.6 km

Bau Town – 49.2 km

Wind Caves – 57.1 km

Fairy Caves –

Satang Island –

TalangTalang Island –

Is It A Good Place For Families?

The Kebun has a very kid friendly fresh water stream with calm, shallow pools. We always do our best to accommodate families.

Olivia’s Bungalow works very comfortably with 2 rooms for up to 4 people, and although the other bungalows too have 2 bedrooms each, we will be more than happy to set up a mattress on the floor for the kids and also have a portable cribs that we are more than willing to share. Adrian’s Bungalow sits at the far end of the properly and has a private jetty which from the varenda you can overlook the Rayu River. His Bungalow which is very private and is about a 300 meter walk from Olivia’s Bungalow also has 2 rooms which are fan cooled and has mosquito netting. We do not charge you whatever extra for children below the age of 12 years old.

Is A Car Needed Once We Arrive?

Not really, if you don’t mind riding motorbikes around to the small towns on this coast, then visiting the parks and shops is easy to do without a car. Taxis are available for night activities but these will cost too much and buses run infrequently to the town. You may also like to hitch a ride down to town when one of us goes down and be picked up when we are done with our errands.

What Is The Currency Exchange & What Is The Best Option Of Payment?

Although many places do accept credit cards there in the city, it is recommended to pay cash in order to avoid surcharges, possible international charges from your banking institution, sales tax & to better negotiate discounts while shopping! If you need to have an idea of the exchange currency then you will need to see here.

Are There Many Jungle Creatures There?

This is the jungle so lizards, frogs, caterpillars, crickets, mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, bats, insects, beautiful birds, tortoises, butterflies, big foot monkeys, otters & many more creatures live here for you to see & hear.

What Are The Beaches Like?

The nearby coast line is virtually untouched providing a pristine view of the jungle while afloat in the warm water. The beach is accessable by our sampan or you can go by road to Lundu or Sematan.

Do You Have Internet There?

We are working on being able to provide guests with wi-fi and should have it up and running by year’s end

Are There Safety Concerns We Should Be Aware Of?

Our bungalows are very secure and each one has a safe for valuable items such as cameras, passports, etc. For most of the time the hosts also live on the property as with the farm hands and as is the case anywhere, common sense goes a long way!

How Many Guests Do You Allow?

Guests are limited to two to five  occupants per bungalow – we do not allow multiple occupancy or provide additional beds unless you have your own children with you.

Are There Many Restaurants? What Is The Food Like At The Kebun?

There are no nearby restaurants unless you want to make a trip down to Kuching City  where one of the great things about our area is the variety & quantity of restaurants serving food from all over the world. As for the food on the farm expect our simple fare with us but which you yourself might just find very exotic. We love cooking and we love our food!

What Is Your Check Out Time?

We are usually flexible about check out times if your room is not needed by another guest.

Do You Have Maids Or Room Service?

We tidy bungalows each day. We do not offer room service as in the regular hotels or resorts but we will deliver your food to you and even most times with your permission cook in the bungalow where you are staying. There is a common eating area where you will have access to all the coffee/tea that you will want and where the main meals will be ready. There will always be coffee, tea, cordials and other snacks available too. Please wash all your own utensils.

What Are The Transportation Options?

There are a few options to reach The Kebun, it just depends on what will suit you best. If you need to you can always take one of the licensed van’s down to town and back which run from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm. Their homes are a short walk from The Kebun. You can also hitch a ride with us when we go down to town or if you need to just borrow the farm’s motorbike.

Do You Provide Laundry Service?

We would prefer you do your own laundry but if need be yes we do at RM2.80 per kilo. However there is a washing machine available for your use at the common laundry area and you are more than welcomed to make use of it. Yes, the detergent is provided for you as with an iron and ironing board. And yes, its all complimentary.

Do You Provide Airport/Hotel Transfer?

Yes, We Do

Is The Kebun Listed On Any Travel Pages That Has Reviews?

We are listed on Trip Advisor and would encourage you to post your own review.


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