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January 25, 2009


In theory young Does can be ready to breed by the time they are 4 months old. But you will want to wait until they are at least 8 months of age for breeds like the Katjang. However you must realise that when and if you decide to breed at such a young age you should consider that such young does bred are still growing kids themselves and will need very close monitoring of their feed rations. You must also play close attention to their overall condition as they progress along their pregnancy.

Maturation of any Doe will naturally vary by their genetic/breed background. You cannot expect a smaller breed like a Katjang to be bred to a Boer of a similar age of let’s say at 10 months. We usually let our kids grow up and age until at least 12 months before breeding them in their 2nd year. Talk to the breeders and farmers in your area and I can tell you that there will be mostly different answers.

You will have to then use your own best judgement and common sense to make a decision based on the size and maturity of your own does.



October 5, 2008

The original Sarawak goat population comprises of small-framed goats, the original Kambing Katjang, also called Kambing Kacang. This local goat is primarily a meat producer and is known for its prolificacy and ability to breed all the year round with a litter average of (based on our farm records) 1.8. The use of this local stock as an efficient meat producer is rather limited, due to its slow growth rate, low effective reproductive and maternal ability which contributes to the known biological antagonism between fecundity and rearing ability.

This breed is resistant against diseases and ecto-parasites, specifically biting-flies like mosquitoes, sand flies and ticks. The breed is well adapted to low and highland and is known for prolificacy. They come in a variety of colors, uni colored, black, brown multi colored, black and white pied. They have an average (wither) height of 63 cm and 59 cm respectively for males and females with an average weight of 30kg and 25kg each. Small bodied, with erect ears the males come bearded with tassels. Males mature at 9 months and Females at 7 months. Our farm records show the average birth weights of 1.5kg and 1.3kg for each sex.

There are 2 special characteristic of the Kambing Katjang that must be mentioned. The meat of bucks has a very strong and specific smell and for some strange reason this breed is particularly scared of getting wet. Any sign of rain and we will see them scurrying for shelter, in most cases making a bee line for the goat house.

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