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April 6, 2008

Pink eye is an infectious disease caused by one or more organisms that spreads from goat to goat. Its transmission is increased by dust and flies. First signs are tearing and drooping eyelids. Foxtails and other foreign bodies in the eye can give similar signs and therefore affected eyes should be carefully examined. True pink eye causes an ulcer or cloudy area in the center of the clear part of the eye (Cornea).

Treatment consists of using antibiotic ointment in the eye and isolating affected animals in a darkened area. Chamomile tea, washed on the eye three times daily. Neosporin salve, put OUTSIDE the eye, all around the eye, will dissolve slowly into the eye, and give a nice all day treatment. Vitamin A may hasten healing.

To treat the goats, you must prevent further spread of the infection. I use paper towels, and Listerine to clean the pus off of the goat’s face. Be sure the eye and face are clean of any drainage. The flies will feed on this and re-infect the eye, and other goats. Spray the mixture in the eye. Be sure the eye is held open, while you spray. If you are in a hurry, treat twice a day, but if you are treating a lot of goats, you may do the treatment only once a day. Depending on the stage of the disease, it may take 3 or 4 days to clear up the eye. If the eye is just beginning to drain, one treatment is enough. If the eye is already opaque, the treatment period will last longer. Be sure to clean the goat’s face each day.

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